Hamburger Tree

So Monkey was pointing out the sesame seeds on the hamburger bun of the burgers Daddy made the other night. He commented, “If you take one if these seeds and bury them in the backyard, a hamburger tree will come up. Then Daddy won’t have to make them anymore.” This is the kind of stuff … More Hamburger Tree

Long time, no write

I doubt anyone is following this blog anymore due to lack of activity.  Not that I had a huge following anyway. 🙂 Monkey is getting so big.  He’ll be 4 in June.  Hard to believe.  He just learned how to ride his bike without training wheels.  Even harder to believe.  Now that Princess is around I … More Long time, no write

New Game

About a month or so ago, I wrote a post about a game DH started with Monkey about whether or not he wanted a little sister.  This game was fun for a little while but now, the game has been updated. DH:  You ready for your little sister? Monkey:  Not yet. DH:  When are you … More New Game