My Sweet Son

Monkey went shoe shopping with his father last night and DH had an awesome story for me when they arrived home.  The store DH took Monkey to has a recycle bin for old sneakers.  DH told Monkey now that he’s found his new shoes, he can put his old ones into the bin.  So DH… More My Sweet Son

Princess says …

The Princess is now three. And very vocal, sometimes bossy and relentless, but always very cute. She’s three after all. Here are some things she has said recently which I want to remember when I get old and can’t remember anything. “You are old. I need a new mommy” — this is one I’m not… More Princess says …

Empty box

In the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, the main character has a box of travel brochures and souvenirs, her publisher and best friend’s box was of baby clothes. I don’t have a box. Unless you count the box of fabric swatches I’ve stored away for ages. So what does that mean? I’m supposed to live a… More Empty box

Not so bad

We recently purchased Wreck it Ralph. At first glance, it’s just a play on various video games from the early eighties onward. But if you watch await and listen carefully, it is really a message for parents. The line which affects me most is at the end, “I don’t need a medal to tell me… More Not so bad

Stressed and Depressed

That would describe me lately.  Finding the tightrope walk between motherhood and working mother just too difficult lately.  But the trapeze artist must walk the line if she wants to keep her tent.  Okay, enough with the metaphors. Lately, dear Hubby has been taking on all of the homework tasks with Monkey and studying, keeping… More Stressed and Depressed