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Hamburger Tree

So Monkey was pointing out the sesame seeds on the hamburger bun of the burgers Daddy made the other night. He commented, “If you take one if these seeds and bury them in the backyard, a hamburger tree will come up. Then Daddy won’t have to make them anymore.”

This is the kind of stuff I need to record and remember.

Long time, no write

I doubt anyone is following this blog anymore due to lack of activity.  Not that I had a huge following anyway.  :)

Monkey is getting so big.  He’ll be 4 in June.  Hard to believe.  He just learned how to ride his bike without training wheels.  Even harder to believe.  Now that Princess is around I keep thinking back to when he was just a little baby.  It truly is amazing how quickly they grow up and the amount of stuff they learn in just a short amount of time.

A few fun Monkey stories …

Creative Juices

Sooo… the other day I picked Monkey up from daycare and his daycare provider informed me they had been playing with water guns earlier in the day.  Apparently, she had put out a bucket of water for them to refill their water guns in but it eventually ran out of water.  So Monkey decided to use his “own” water.  *gasp*  Yes, I’ll let you figure it out.  She thought it was creative and laughed about it thankfully.  Not sure the parents of the other children were too happy cleaning their kids clothes that night though.

Choice Words

Another naughty Monkey story, on the day the daycare provider sent out an email about cussing.  All of the older boys there seem to swap cuss words they’ve learned like playing cards or something.  I know I’m not innocent about slipping a few (maybe more) times in front of him but he’s come home saying ones we don’t say.  Anyway, I wasn’t the parent who complained but another parent did (which is fine, we’ve been working on that with him).  BUT, the same day the daycare provided sent something out, our little Monkey was good ALL day until another parent came to pick her son up.  As a nice little send-off my son yells out to the other boy, “See you later, stupid @ss!” LOL!  Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh … but I can just imagine it and I know our son has pretty good comedic timing and delivery from other non-offensive things he’s said.

Princess Updates

Growing, growing, growing, that little girl is growing!

Princess is smiling and laughing.  She’s starting to sit up and has been a rolling fool!  Now the quest is on to get her to say “Mama!” before “Dada!” (muuuhaahaha).    Her hair is starting to get fuller and she’s definitely getting a little personality.  Mostly though I have to say she’s WAAAAY more chill than her older brother (whom she LOVES, BTW).

That’s it for now.  I hope to keep this more up to date but no promises!

Funny Quote of the Week

Haven’t done one of these in a while … this is a recap of a convo Monkey and I had on the way to meet DH at a restaurant:

Monkey (out of the blue):  Daddy’s not a princess.

Me (snickering): No, Daddy’s not a princess.

Monkey:  He’s an old guy.

Me (laughing hysterically):  Oh?  And what am I?

Monkey:  You’re a princess!  (then he started laughing)

New Game

About a month or so ago, I wrote a post about a game DH started with Monkey about whether or not he wanted a little sister.  This game was fun for a little while but now, the game has been updated.

DH:  You ready for your little sister?

Monkey:  Not yet.

DH:  When are you going to be ready?

Monkey:  Five minutes.

Hilarious and the answer is the same each time.

Otherwise innocent remark

We’ve had some incidents in our household lately that could fall under this cliché.  And because the first story I’m going to recount is so funny, it’s also my Funny Quote of the Week (which I realize I haven’t done since 2008!)

Monkey has been very cunning in his language and comprehension lately.  We ‘ve been potting training him and using M& Ms as rewards for those times when he actually says, “I need to use potty” and successfully makes it to the potty without an accident.  Well, he has caught on to this system.  The other day, he opened up our freezer compartment and pulled out an ice cream sandwich.  Then he said, “Go potty for this?”*  Huh.  Pretty smart little fellow.  An otherwise innocent remark is really manipulation at it’s greatest!

Recently my adult mind has taken notice of otherwise innocent comments or actions and twisted them.  This is my perverse mind (sorry).  For instance, Monkey received a Buzz Lightyear for Christmas from friends of ours.  He loves it.  But he duly noted, “I don’t have a Woody.”  Several times.  And I couldn’t help but chuckle each time he said it.  An otherwise innocent remark, but leave it to my childish mind to warp its meaning.

Please feel free to share your examples of otherwise innocent remarks your children have made.

*This is the Funny Quote of the Week.
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Funny Quote — Week of 1/21/08

From the Mom-101 blog post about what each presidential candidate has on their sites about families specifically (the entire post is great, well, unless as the author points out “Skip This One if You’ve Got an Elephant Bumper Sticker on the SUV“)

The funny quote for this week:

“Because as we all know, Jesus said, ‘Ignore the mothers for they are not as important as the gun lobby.'”

LOL! I apologize to my Republican friends but as an Independent who leans to the left, this is hilarious.

She did go on to say: “Now I’m not saying that everyone is going to be pro-choice. But man, shouldn’t everyone be pro-family? I mean they didn’t even mention the FMLA. Try googling any GOP candidate with FMLA.”

Any working mother should really read this post and the references she makes to the sites she researched. It may have just changed my mind about this race. We’ll see.

In effort not to offend anymore, I will try to keep the rest of the posts apolitical until next Wednesday. :)

Funny Quote — Week of 1/6/08

Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report:

“Did the pundits not make ourselves clear? … If you keep voting the way you want, rather than the way we tell you you want, well, then we pundits are just going to stop telling you how to think!”

Good stuff! South Carolina’s primary is coming up! Too bad they wouldn’t let him on the ballot. So much for the “any American citizen born in the U.S. can be President” line we all heard growing up.


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