My Sweet Son

Monkey went shoe shopping with his father last night and DH had an awesome story for me when they arrived home.  The store DH took Monkey to has a recycle bin for old sneakers.  DH told Monkey now that he’s found his new shoes, he can put his old ones into the bin.  So DH went along the aisle next to the bin which also happened to be the aisle for little girl shoes so he started looking for Princess.

After a little while, DH looks over at Monkey who is still standing by the sneaker recycle bin with his old shoes in hand.  DH walked over and asked, “What’s wrong, buddy?”  Monkey replied, “I don’t want to put them in.”  DH asked, “Why?”, shocked that Monkey actually looked a little sad.  Then with tears starting to come to his eyes, Monkey said, “Because I have so many memories with these.”

He’s SEVEN.  Never expected him to have sentimental value over anything especially since the kid gets new presents and has forgotten about them a day later.   But for some reason, those sneakers meant something to him.  My sweet, sentimental son.  He definitely surprises us sometimes with his words and actions.  This time in a very good way.

(Of course, DH let Monkey bring the shoes home with him.)

Princess says …

The Princess is now three. And very vocal, sometimes bossy and relentless, but always very cute. She’s three after all.

Here are some things she has said recently which I want to remember when I get old and can’t remember anything.

  • “You are old. I need a new mommy” — this is one I’m not sure I want to remember but it’s something I may remind her if when she has kids of her own.
  • “I’ll give you a question. The question is … ” and more often than not what follows is not a question.
  • “I’ll give you the truth … ” and again, not really something you’d expect to hear after a statement like that.
  • “Can I put on my beautiful shoes?” After we found some silver sequined Mary Janes at Target which she had to have.

Empty box

In the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, the main character has a box of travel brochures and souvenirs, her publisher and best friend’s box was of baby clothes. I don’t have a box. Unless you count the box of fabric swatches I’ve stored away for ages.

So what does that mean? I’m supposed to live a life as a curtain maker? Where does that leave my family? I need to find to complement to Eat, Pray, Love which involves the messy nature of marriage and kids.

Not so bad

We recently purchased Wreck it Ralph. At first glance, it’s just a play on various video games from the early eighties onward. But if you watch await and listen carefully, it is really a message for parents. The line which affects me most is at the end, “I don’t need a medal to tell me I’m good. Because if that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?”

What a great line to carry you throughout your day?

Stressed and Depressed

That would describe me lately.  Finding the tightrope walk between motherhood and working mother just too difficult lately.  But the trapeze artist must walk the line if she wants to keep her tent.  Okay, enough with the metaphors.

Lately, dear Hubby has been taking on all of the homework tasks with Monkey and studying, keeping up with his rewards and making sure he’s dressed, fed and taken care of in general.   My focus in the evenings is to keep Princess fed, and then get her to bed which now takes an entire hour (without bath, with baths it takes one and half hours).  She’s a lot of work.  Very demanding but still cute and I’m trying my hardest to treasure these last moments of toddlerhood since we are not having any more kids.  She’s very attached to me and while I love it, sometimes it gets in the way of things like me eating my dinner and being a mother to Monkey, too.

This morning, Hubby told Monkey that I would be taking him to school today.  Monkey’s response was “No, I want you to take me.”  When Hubby asked why, Monkey responded, “Because I like you.”  That broke my heart.  I know I haven’t been spending a lot of time with him lately and that needs to change.

Work has picked up, I’m taking on more responsibility again and feeling like a caged rat by all of the responsibility in my work and personal life.  Not to mention that I feel like I”m only giving each area my least effort because I’m tired ALL OF THE TIME.  Yet when an email came from Monkey’s school PTA, I felt compelled to volunteer for something because clearly I haven’t been a very good mother to him as of late.  Doesn’t it seem like people just want more and more from you and if you can’t juggle work, laundry, have a perfectly clean house, committee meetings, and not to mention actually BEING a mother and wife to your family, then you are not achieving or are less of a person?  Or is that just me?

Some days, I just want to say F it all and stay in bed all day.  Why bother?  There will always be laundry, dishes, more meetings, more work, more, more, more.

I really want to know the secret or is it just some farce?  I have feeling it’s the latter but lately, I just feel like the sad clown.  Back to the metaphor … queue the calliope music …

Mook vs. Mop

It’s been interesting seeing our kids differences at their different stages of life. For instance, when Monkey was Princess’ age, he called milk, “Mook”. She calls it “Mop”. He was an extreme climber, scaling the stair railings from the outside of the stairs, climbing on top of countertops by pushing chairs to the one he wanted.

Princess climbs but isn’t as enthusiastic about it and hasn’t yet figured out that she can push the chair to other areas in the kitchen (just watch, she’ll be doing this tomorrow now!) — but she has figured out how to unscrew lids sooner. This means cosmetic products need to be well out of reach less she will apply globs of it to her hair (whether its Daddy’s hair gel or our toothpaste).

I want to remember these little differed because it makes them who they are no matter how insignificant.

Donk gu, Mommy!

This is what Princess started saying a few days ago. “Thank you, Mommy!” is the translation. I really need to record her saying this so I’ll have it forever.


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